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It is Finished - by Michael Phillips
Last Words - Part 6 of 7
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John 19:30
Jan 15, 2006 am - God created the world in six days and then He rested. He did not rest because He was tired or lazy but because He was satisfied. He set out to make a world that would reflect the glory of its Maker and that is the world He made. God is not a half-hearted worker putting in a minimal effort and hoping no one will notice. He is a perfectionist who, unlike others who go by that name, really is perfect. On the First Sabbath, He was perfectly content with His work because His work was perfect. He told us so at the end of Genesis 1- Then God saw everything that He had done and behold, it was very good. Jesus Christ is the Image of the Invisible God. Whatever else this means, it must mean He reveals God in a way no one and nothing else can. While other things hint at God's wisdom or power or goodness, He reveals them in all of their fullness. To the devout but silly friend who wanted to see the Father, Jesus replied, Have I been with you so long and yet you have not known me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father! Our Lord's character is identical to God's character. This means, like His Father, Christ does perfect work, He is satisfied with His work, and He says so in public. ... More >>>

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