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Father, Into Your Hands - by Michael Phillips
Last Words - Part 7 of 7
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Luke 23:46
Jan 22, 2006 am - Jesus Christ went to Mount Calvary at nine o'clock in the morning and died there at three in the afternoon. From nine to noon He suffers the wrath of man and devil. Not satisfied with crucifying Him, the rulers also torture and humiliate Him. If He is a Prophet, they put a bag over His head, punch Him in the mouth, and demand He tell them who did it. If He is a King, they dress Him in purple, crown Him with thorns, and kneel before Him in mock reverence. If He is the Savior, they urge Him to save Himself, come down from the cross and receive their worship. They were cruel men who sent our Lord to the cross, but they did not act on their own, for Satan was behind their envy, malice, and rage. What a hateful creature he is! Think of what he did to the people we read of in the New Testament. For eighteen years, he bent a woman double. He blinded a boy and made him unable to speak. He ran a man out of his mind. He grievously afflicted a little girl. He even drove pigs to mass suicide! If the devil is this way with boys and girls, men, women, and animals, how cruel must he have been to the Son of God? These were hard hours for our Lord, harder than any He had faced so far. But harder ... More >>>

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