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Forgiven, Forgiving - by Michael Phillips
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Genesis 45:24
Feb 05, 2006 am - The People of God can be divided into two categories: those who feel guilty and those who make others feel guilty. You can find exceptions now and then, but you'll find so few of them that they will prove the rule more than they will disprove it. Most of us either feel guilty or make others feel guilty. Or both. Why do we feel so guilty? You know why non-Christians feel guilty-because they are guilty. We all know bad people are guilty, but we're prone to forget, good people are too! After quoting a long list of Bible verses to this effect, Paul sums up the human condition- Every mouth is stopped and all the world is guilty before God. Many unbelievers don't call their guilt 'guilt', but what's in a name? A skunk by any other name would smell as foul! While guilt can be ignored, denied or projected onto others, it cannot be gotten rid of--except through faith in Christ. Our Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world by offering Himself to the justice of God in our place. But that's now all He is-our Lamb, He is no less our Scapegoat. On the Day of Atonement, a goat was brought to the High Priest who put his hands on the animal's head and listed the sins of ... More >>>

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