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What to do with Your Sorrow - by Michael Phillips
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Matthew 14:1-12
Mar 12, 2006 am - What do you do with your sorrows? If they're small ones, you shrug them off. If they're too big for that, you live with them, and in time, they fade away. But what about the sorrows that stay with you and only get worse with time? What do you do with your sorrows? Tears provide an emotional release and I highly recommend them. Keeping yourself busy is also helpful, as it keeps you from brooding over your sorrows and making them worse. Exercise is good for you and talking to sympathetic friends is even better. But what if your sorrows are too big for crying or working out or talking them over? What do you do with your sorrows? You bring them to Jesus. WHAT GRIEVED THEM The people in today's story are disciples of John the Baptist. For the last year or so they have lived with the man and pinned all of their hopes on him. Now he was dead. For a few weeks John had been in Herod's prison for the crime of telling the king it was wrong to steal his own brother's wife. While he would have preferred his freedom, things were not too bad for John because Herod respected him (in a way) and still enjoyed hearing him preach. Then came the party. A magnificent ball was held in honor of the ... More >>>

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