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First Years in Canaan - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 1 of 11
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Judges 1:1-2:5
Apr 02, 2006 am - Today, with God's blessing, I hope to begin a Christ-centered study of the Book of Judges. I say Christ-centered because He is its main character. Our Lord is not as easy to spot in Judges as He is in John, for example, but He is here if we had the eyes to see Him. Speaking to people who thought they knew their Bibles, He dared them to look again, and this time with understanding- Search the Scriptures, for it is they which testify to Me. From beginning to end, the Old Testament reveals Jesus Christ in His sufferings and His glory. Including the Book of Judges. He makes His first appearance in the second verse of chapter one. After the death of Joshua, the people ask for God's guidance, and He gives it to them by His Word-who is Christ. He appears next as the armies' Commander-in-Chief, leading them to victory over enemies, cruel, powerful, and dug in. In the first verse of chapter two He shows up again, but this time not to lead the people to further victories, but to pronounce a curse: because they were not loyal to God, He would no longer fight for them as He had in the past. He would still be with them, thankfully, but so would the Canaanites. The land they might have had in ... More >>>

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