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Evil Working for Good - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 2 of 11
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Judges 2:6-3:6
Apr 09, 2006 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our Christ-centered study of Judges. I say Christ-centered because no Book in the Bible is easier to read in a man-centered way than this one. If you know Judges, you know what I mean: all of its main characters are fascinating people, most of them are full of contradictions, and some have the tragic flaws you know will betray them in the end. It is easy, therefore, to become so interested in Jepthah or Samson that you miss the Lord who is at work in them. If the Story is about the Judges, it is a dead story because the Judges are dead. But if it is about Christ working in them, the Story is alive-because Jesus is alive! And at work in us. THE ARRANGEMENT Today's story begins with the death of Joshua. If this sounds familiar, it ought to, because that's where last week's story began. This means today's story does not follow the one from last week but runs parallel to it-at least in part. The two stories start at the same place, but while the first telling covers no more than fifteen or twenty years, the second covers at least 180 years, and some scholars say more than 400! If this seems strange to you, it is. But it is not wrong ... More >>>

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