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Othniel - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 3 of 11
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Judges 3:7-11
Apr 23, 2006 am - Three weeks ago we began a Christ-centered study of the Book of Judges. I call it Christ-centered because our Lord is its one and only Hero. If Gideon of Samson does a mighty deed it is because Christ is at work in him. Left to themselves, they cast idols and spend the night with a prostitute. What our Lord said to His disciples is equally true of the Judge-and of you and me too: Without Me, you can do nothing. The first two-plus chapters introduce the Book. They say God gave the land to Israel but the people had a hard time holding onto it. The source of their problem was not the power of Canaanite armies, but the weakness of their own faith. As long as they serve the Lord, they have peace and prosperity; when they quit serving Him, they have nothing but misery. The pattern set at the beginning is followed to the end: --Israel is at peace --They sin against the Lord --The Lord punishes them --They repent --The Lord rescues them --Israel is at peace If this sounds familiar to you, it ought to, because it is not just the pattern for Judges, but for the whole Bible. It begins with man at peace with God, himself, his wife, and the world. Man then falls into sin and brings down the ... More >>>

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