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Shamgar - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 5 of 11
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Judges 3:31
May 14, 2006 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our Christ-centered study of Judges. I call it Christ-centered because its one and only hero is our Lord Jesus. His Name does not appear in the Book, but He does, on every page and in several ways. Most of all He comes in the men (and woman) who judged Israel. I don't mean Gideon was the Incarnation of God in his day and Deborah was in hers, of course, but rather that our Lord did His saving work in and through them. In studying the Judges, therefore, we must not focus on their character, but on their calling--not what they were, but what they did. While this is a good rule for reading the whole Book, it is necessary for understanding today's story. Because we know next to nothing about the man himself, but only what the Lord used him to do. The man's name is Shamgar. Before we get to him, however, let's go remember where we are in the Big Story. THE HAPPINESS Ehud was the last Judge in Israel, and by his work, the Lord saved His people from the Moabites, and gave the land eighty years of rest. For two generations, Israel had no wars and little crime, fat barns and long lives. The people were basking in the sunshine of God's favor. ... More >>>

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