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Deborah and Barak - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 6 of 11
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Judges 4:1-5:31
May 21, 2006 am - This morning, by God's grace, we come to sermon number six in our study of Judges. For boys (at least) no book in the Bible is more exciting than this one. I was enthralled by the stories nearly fifty years ago-and I still am. Only more. My growing excitement is the result of learning that, while the stories are great in themselves, they are even greater when you find they are part of a Bigger Story, a story so big that it includes-not only Gideon and Samson-but you and me too! The Leading Man in this Story is Jesus Christ to whom all the Judges point. No Judge fully reveals Him, but each one gives a glimpse into His character and calling. If one Judge throws some light on our Lord, two provide even more. This is what we have in today's story: two judges. Their names are Deborah and Barak. Before we get to them, however, we have to set the stage. PROSPERITY The story begins in the usual way: Israel is enjoying the favor of God's approval. For eighty years Ehud judged them, and for the whole time, the land had rest. This doesn't mean things were perfect, but they were good. Men and women were worshiping God in the beauty of holiness, feasting, falling in love, getting married, ... More >>>

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