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Jepthah, Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 9 of 11
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Judges 10:6-12:15
Jul 02, 2006 am - For the last few months we have been working our way through the Book of Judges. To us, a judge is one who interprets and applies the law. The higher courts tell us what the law means, and the lower courts say whether we have broken it or not. Presiding over these courts we have judges, trained in the law, and (at their best) trying to maintain justice in the world. The Bible Judges did some of this, too, but their calling was far wider than the judges of today. They were the saviors of Israel, sent in times of crisis to rescue the people from their enemies and to rule them in the name of the Lord. Two of them did this very well-Othniel and Deborah-but the others were a bit spottier in their character and conduct. You cannot read the lives of Samson and Gideon, for example, without-at the same time-wanting to be like them and praying you won't be! If this is true of them, it is even more so of the Judge will we look at today. His name is Jepthah. If any man combined all the Judges' good qualities-and bad-it was he. If his victory showed him a savior, his failure proved he was not the Savior. The Lord was at work in Jepthah, but His final work must wait for Someone Else. THE ... More >>>

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