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Samson - by Michael Phillips
Judges - Part 10 of 11
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Judges 13:1-16:31
Jul 16, 2006 am - Of the twelve men who judged Israel, none is more fascinating-or less appreciated-than Samson. While everyone admires his super-human power, they also look down on his sub-par morality, and pass a judgment on the man that is mostly negative. Scholars have called him, 'a profligate judge, a bawdy giant, an oversexed muscleman, and a man 'full of high spirits and low ethics'. There is truth in what they say, but it is a one-sided truth because it fixates on the man's character and forgets his calling. Some of what he did was shameful, but we must distinguish this some of what he did from what he was. What was Samson? He was a Judge, who both saved God's People from some of their enemies (in part and for a time) and who foreshadowed the One who would save us from all of our enemies and for good. THE BACKGROUND His story begins in the customary place- Again the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. While the sin they were guilty of is not spelled out, the word, again reveals what it was-idolatry. If other wicked crimes are mentioned in the Book, idolatry is the one everywhere emphasized. Whom you worship-and how-matters! When people break faith with the Lord, it's not ... More >>>

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