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How Vast the Benefits Divine - by Michael Phillips
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Romans 5:1-2
Sep 03, 2006 am - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! For the last few Sunday afternoon services our brother has slowly and carefully worked his way through Romans 5:1-5. I liked his study so much I'm going to preach it myself today, but with far less detail. I'm doing this-not because he got it wrong or left something out-but because I want every believer in this room to know what he has in Christ, and for every unbeliever to know what he can have in Christ, if only he confesses his sins to God and puts his faith in the Lord Jesus. What do believers have in Christ? In a word, everything. A bit later in the New Testament, Paul says all things are yours. He means spiritual things, of course, but not only spiritual things. As the children of God we are also His heirs, and if all things belong to our Father (including material things) all things belong to us. Our Lord was not using a figure of speech when He said, in His best-know Beatitude- The meek shall inherit the earth. There's no such thing as a poor Christian. The believer who doesn't know where his next meal is coming from is, at the same time, immensely rich, for whatever he lacks here and now, he has-as a present possession- An ... More >>>

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