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The Life of John Newton, Part 2 - by Michael Phillips
The Life of John Newton - Part 2 of 2
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2 Chronicles 17:16-17
Sep 17, 2006 am - Last Sunday afternoon I began telling the story of John Newton, who is best known today for his great hymn, Amazing Grace. For more than two hundred years, the song has reached people in a way none other has. The folk singer, Judy Collins, said it carried her through the depths of her alcoholism. Johnny Cash often sang it in his prison shows, and never without heads nodding in agreement or bowed in thankful worship. The song's power does not lie in its tune or its poetry or even in its theology, but in something far deeper. The word I'm looking for is authenticity. Amazing Grace rings true to life because it is true to life. John Newton did not get the hymn out of his books, but out of his life. First, his life without God, and then his life with God. A week ago we looked at Newton's life without God. From his birth in 1725 to a few weeks short of his twenty-third birthday, he lived in appalling wickedness. After reading an infidel book, he quit believing the Bible, and in the company of rough and profane sailors, he became the worst of a bad lot. Of that time in his life, he later wrote- I was capable of anything; I had not the least fear of God before my eyes, nor the least ... More >>>

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