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The Doctrine - by Michael Phillips
Humanity of Christ - Part 1 of 8
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2 John 7-11
Oct 08, 2006 am - My sermons this week are on The Humanity of Christ. Before I get to that, however, I must take a few minutes for a disclaimer. Nothing I say should be understood to deny or diminish the full Divinity of Jesus Christ. In the crib, I learned that our Lord is God. Not that He is like God or that God is with Him in a special way, but that He is God. And now, well into middle-age, I'm proud to affirm the same doctrine. From the bottom of my heart, I believe what the Nicene Creed says of Him. He is "Very God of Very God". In respect to His nature and character, He is equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Westminster Shorter Catechism has Him, "The same in essence, equal in power and glory". In spite of the mystery of it all, we are called to bear witness to the Divinity of Christ-to tell sinners that God has acted in time and space to save them-and that He's done it uniquely in "the man Christ Jesus". Many verses could be cited to this effect-but this is not what my sermons are about this week. Maybe they should be, but they're not-and perhaps you'll find a blessing in the other side of His Wonderful Person. We Reformed Baptists are famous (or notorious) for long introductions ... More >>>

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