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Peace - by Michael Phillips
Redemption Applied - Part 7 of 10
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1 Peter 1:2b
Mar 06, 2002 pm - This evening, with God's favor, we'll move on in our study of Thomas Watson on the Application of Redemption. Watson was a English Puritan who lived in the 17th Century and preached, wrote, and suffered much for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. As used here, the word, "redemption" is just another way of saying "salvation". Its "application" is in contrast to it's plan and purchase. The Bible teaches that sinners are saved by the work of the Trinity. In eternity, the Father plans to save us; on the cross, our Lord died to save us; and, at some time in our lives, we become saved by the work of the Holy Spirit. Thus far, we've looked at six parts of salvation. They are faith, effectual calling, justification, adoption, sanctification, and assurance. In the Gospel, God calls us to salvation and gives us the faith to answer the call. Through this faith, we are made acceptable to God, we enter His family, we feel His love for us, and we begin growing in grace. Now let's move on to peace. LIMITATION Watson begins the chapter by limiting his subject. He says, "Peace, in Scripture, is compared to a river which parts itself into two streams.There is an external peace-peace in the family, ... More >>>

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