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Love of Christ - by Michael Phillips
Humanity of Christ - Part 8 of 8
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John 13:1
Dec 03, 2006 am - Love For the last couple of months we have been looking at the Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, first that He is a Man and then (in more detail) what kind of Man He is. I use the word, 'is' instead of 'was' to remind you that, now in heaven, He is still a Man-and the same Man He was when He lived on earth. What kind of Man was He way back then? If you asked people who hardly knew Him, they say He was a powerful Man-doing the miracles that He did, or a wise Man, preaching brilliant sermons and making monkeys out of the scholars who tried to catch Him in His word. The people were right-He was a wise and powerful Man. The people who knew Him better would say He was a generous Man, helping them when it would have been easier not to-allowing them to invade His privacy, interrupt His devotions, yank at His clothing, and in general, make a nuisance of themselves! They, too, were right: He was a patient and giving Man. The people who knew Him best knew all of this, and they knew something more about Him: they knew His love. Our Lord might have done more miracles, preached more sermons, and helped more people than He did. But He could not have loved more than He did. John says- ... More >>>

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