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The Life of Thomas Scott - by Michael Phillips
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1 Chronicles 17:16-17
Nov 19, 2006 pm - Several weeks ago, I gave two lectures on the life and ministry of John Newton. Today, the man is mostly known for his hymn, Amazing Grace. The song is popular art at its best, but John never thought of himself as an artist. He was a pastor and a saint. His pastoral work won many to the Lord, as he preached the Gospel to thousands and wrote for a hundred times that many. But if Newton was a fine pastor, he was a better saint. If he won many by what he did, he won far more by what he was. One of them was named Thomas Scott. This afternoon, the Lord willing, I'll tell you his story. BIRTH AND YOUTH Thomas Scott was born in 1747 in Lincolnshire. His father grazed cattle for a living-and it wasn't much of a living for the family because there were so many kids: 13 in all! Mr. Scott, it seems, was a decent enough man, but-as far as we know-he was not a Christian and he could not read. As for Mrs. Scott, we don't know the state of her soul, but she was literate and she taught her son to read the Bible. At ten years old, Thomas was sent to boarding school, and for five years never came home or saw his parents. If this sounds heartless to us, it is, but it was fairly common at the time. ... More >>>

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