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Covetousness - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 8 of 26
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Proverbs 15:27
Mar 23, 1988 pm - THE MEANING OF "COVETOUSNESS". "Covetousness" and its equivalents are translated from several Hebrew words. They admit, of course, to slight nuances, but in the end amount to the same thing. Thus, "to covet" essentially means, "To strongly desire or crave". It is occasionally employed in a good sense, to describe: A longing after God, "With my soul, I have desired you in the night, Yes by my spirit within me I will seek you early". A wholesome, romantic love, "And so the king shall greatly desire your beauty". But normally, of course, it is used in a bad sense, to suggest "an evil craving, or a compulsive lust". Its objects are wealth and its attending pleasures, comfortable homes, expensive cars, exotic vacations, private schools, luxuries, ease, dignity, influence, and the like. Thus in brief, covetousness may be defined as "An inordinate desire for earthly things". It must not therefore, be confused with the mere accumulation of wealth, financial interest, or general ambition. It is a preoccupation with wealth or an excessive interest in temporal objects. But it is easy to anticipate the objection. "Your excess is my moderation. Your luxury is my necessity. Your greed is my ... More >>>

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