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Elizabeth - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 1 of 12
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Luke 1:5-45
Nov 04, 1992 am - With God's blessing, I will begin this evening, a series on "The Women of the New Testament". The reasons for doing so are these: 1.Women occupy an important place in the New Testament, especially in the ministry of Jesus Christ. 2.Modern girls and women need godly role models; none are better than Elisabeth and Mary, Lois and Eunice, Phoebe and others. 3.We ought to admire the grace of God wherever it is found. We ought to take these ancient females seriously, because some of them enjoyed unique privileges. It was a woman, for example, who first confessed our Savior's advent. Another was the first to announce His resurrection. It was women who cared for the Lord's material needs. Women were at Pentecost. Women did honorable work in the church. A woman taught a great preacher "the way of the Lord more perfectly". And women impressed on young Timothy a thorough knowledge of the Bible. How impoverished the early church would have been without their noble service. How much we need to admire them and help our wives and daughters to be like them! The first woman mentioned in the New Testament, oddly enough, is not Mary; but her older cousin, Elisabeth. Elisabeth was of "the daughters ... More >>>

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