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Mary of Nazareth - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 2 of 12
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Luke 1:26-56
Nov 11, 1992 am - Mary of Nazareth is history's most celebrated woman. This obscure peasant girl has received the grandest titles: Mother of God and Queen of Heaven. Her likeness graces huge cathedrals; her image dominates town squares. She is an object of respect--and worship--the world over. But Mary was not Divine; not sinless; and not the Mediator between God and man. Those titles belong to her Son--and her Son alone. Thus, we would not rob Christ of "the glory due His name". But in stripping Mary of the accolades that some have given her, we must not go to the other extreme, and make her into a "nothing". For, moved by the Spirit, she announced that "all generations would call her blessed". And so we should. By God's grace, Mary became of woman of substance, one worthy of our highest esteem and sincere imitation. Mary was of royal blood, able to trace her ancestry back to King David. But the House of David had fallen into disrepair. Herod, of Edomite descent, now ruled over Israel. And Rome, of course, ruled over Herod. Thus Mary, a Princess in Israel, was brought very low. So low, in fact, that she lived in Nazareth. Nazareth was in the far north of Israel, and populated by a "mixed ... More >>>

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