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Anna of Asher - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 3 of 12
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Luke 2:22-28
Nov 18, 1992 am - Women played key roles in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It was, of course, a woman who brought the Son of God into the world. It was a woman who first recognized His Lordship. And now it is a woman who will introduce Him to the Israel. "She spoke of Him to all who looked for redemption in Jerusalem". Anna was surely one of the Bible's most illustrious--and obscure--characters. All we know about her is found in three short verses. But what verses they are! And how they speak of her piety, and the grace of her Savior. About Anna's early and middle life, we can say but little. All we know for sure is: She was the daughter of Phanuel and of the tribe of Asher. Now, Asher was one of the tribes that broke with the House of David and swore allegiance to Jeroboam and his golden calves. In the intervening years, its moral and spiritual life degenerated into something abhorrent. But this daughter of idolatry quit her home and people for the Temple at Jerusalem, for its divinely sanctioned worship, and for its God. She was a member of that Israel which God had "foreknown" and "not cast away". As a young woman, Anna married. But after seven years of wedlock, her husband died, leaving ... More >>>

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