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Woman That Was a Sinner - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 4 of 12
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Luke 7:36-50
Nov 25, 1992 am - the Woman who was a Sinner If we follow Luke's chronology, the next significant woman to emerge in the New Testament is unknown by name--but well remembered by those scarlet words, "the woman who was a sinner". About this anonymous female, we know three things: We know that she was of the Jewish race, and hence, under sacred obligations. To her people, God had revealed Himself, committed His Law, and shown the way of salvation. These blessings were virtually unknown outside Israel, but commonplace within its borders. This woman, therefore, was fully responsible to know her God and to live for His glory. We also know that she broke her solemn vows. The thirty-seventh verse tells us, "And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner..." This means more than that she was implicated by original sin or that she had--from time to time--failed her God. It suggests that she had wholly given herself up to a life of sin--most likely, prostitution. She was, therefore, a well-known and notorious sinner. Decent men shunned her. Good women blushed in her presence. Fathers warned their sons about her. Mothers urged their daughters to avoid her example. No one but the debased wanted her, and only ... More >>>

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