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Mary Magdalene - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 5 of 12
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Luke 8:1-3
Dec 02, 1992 am - Mary Magdalene is one of the New Testament's best known women. And rightly so, for few people are greater monuments to God's grace than she. Her life, therefore, gives hope to the vilest sinner and instruction to the most veteran saint. And thus, in her story, there is help for everyone. This good woman, like her scarlet sister, enjoyed certain blessings not available to everyone. She was a Jew, and so familiar with the Law of God and the way of salvation. Moreover, she had considerable wealth, and so more advantages still. Unlike the peasant women of that time, Mary no doubt received a solid education. She could read well and think logically. Her wealth also made possible what was only a dream to most Israelites: a Bible of her own. And finally, her station in life enabled her to hear the best teaching available. She didn't have to settle for the local rabbi. She could travel to hear--or even hire--the best and most edifying men. Thus, we know that Mary enjoyed many and precious advantages. We also know that she squandered every last one of them. For Mary had flouted God's law and rejected His mercy. And so the LORD smote her with a fearful judgment: she was given up to Satan. ... More >>>

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