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Mary of Bethany - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 8 of 12
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John 12:1-8
Dec 23, 1992 am - Martha and Mary are often thought of as polar opposites. Martha, it is supposed, is active, but not very perceptive; Mary is thoughtful, but not too practical. Such a contrast, however, is unfair to both ladies. It is true that Martha was more practical than her sister, but (as her conversation at the tomb reveals) she was nobody's "dummy". She had studied and thought hard about her theology. And Mary, though more reflective than her sister, was also quite busy in the Lord's service. And so, the contrast is false, but it does indicate each woman's emphasis in life. Many good things can be said about Mary; she was astute, faithful, loving, and hospitable. But the one trait that (I think) stands out and pulls the others together is this: Mary was content. And this is no small virtue. For dissatisfaction with life is rebellion against the LORD and makes good works all but impossible. But "contentment" is "great gain"; and "the one thing needful" for a God-honoring life. "Contentment", of course, is to be satisfied with what you have. It is the opposite of covetousness, greed, worry, and envy. It is, moreover, a fixed state of mind, and not just an occasional impulse. And finally, it ... More >>>

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