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Salome - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 9 of 12
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Matthew 20:20-29
Dec 30, 1992 am - Tonight's sermon brings us to one of the New Testament's more obscure women. So obscure, in fact, that it takes a good piece of detective work to even be sure of her name. She is Zebedee's wife and the mother of two apostles. Her name is Salome. About this dear lady, there are many good things to say. It seems she was an excellent mother. Young men the caliber of James and John are not produced by accident. Under the blessing of God, their character is molded by a devout family life. This means that Salome must have brought up her children well; set a good example for them, and maintained a loving discipline. And it seems not to have embittered them at all. For the now-grown James and John have not left their parents, but continue to work alongside Zebedee in the family business. Salome, then, must have made her home an enjoyable place to be. Salome was also a strong believer in Christ. Her conversation with Jesus assumed His Lordship, doesn't it?. "Grant that these two sons of mine may sit, one on Your right hand and the other on the left in Your kingdom". She was mistaken as to the nature of His Kingdom, to be sure--but that His Kingdom "would come" was beyond doubt in Salome's ... More >>>

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