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Woman of Canaan - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 10 of 12
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Matthew 15:21-28
Jan 06, 1993 am - The Syrophenician Tonight's study brings us to another of the New Testament's unnamed women. She appears--it seems--for only a few minutes, and is never heard from again. But what an appearance it was! She has much to teach us. About this woman's background, we know more than you'd think. In Mark's Gospel, she is called "a woman of Canaan". This means that she descended from a cursed people. Not long after the flood, Noah called down a fearful malediction against Canaan and his offspring--including this woman. This race, fit only for slavery, would be largely unwelcome in God's presence. And the ancient curse was verified by subsequent history. The Canaanites were bad--even by the standards of heathendom. Most of them were consigned to the sword. Why, even the land "vomited them up". And so, this woman was a Canaanite. But worse yet, she hailed from Canaan's most vicious region: Tyre, Sidon, or thereabouts. It was the merchants of Tyre who tempted Israel to defile the Sabbath. Sidon was the hometown of Jezebel. And the Phonecians, in general, were known for their idolatry and love of money. This is the kind of people from which our subject sprang. And there is no reason to doubt ... More >>>

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