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Woman of Samaria - by Michael Phillips
Women of The New Testament - Part 11 of 12
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John 4:1-42
Jan 13, 1993 am - is one of the New Testament's most interesting characters. There are things in her life to make the worst sinner blush. And other things, to make the holiest saint envy. Thus, hers is a message of hope and conviction. Hope for the despairing sinner; conviction for the smug believer. An example for us all. There are many bad things to say about her. First, her race. The Samaritans were an odious people. In 722 B.C., Israel was conquered by the Assyrians, who deported their best and brightest and replaced them with nations from the east. Eventually the peoples intermarried and produced a bastard religion and culture. It can be described in the words of Paul, as a "fellowship of righteousness and unrighteousness; a communion of light and darkness; an accord between Christ and Belial; and an agreement between the temple of God and idols". And that the woman shared in her people's depravity is plain from her conversation with the Lord. She was also ignorant. She had some religious training. But it was only enough to make her stupid. She knew what a "prophet" was; had some notion of "the coming Messiah"; and recognized the difference between Jewish and Samaritan liturgy. It seems, ... More >>>

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