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Life After Death #3 - by Michael Phillips
Life After Death - Part 3 of 4
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Revelation 21:1-6
Feb 04, 2007 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will finish our study of Life After Death. The Bible teaches there is a life after death for Christians, and that-for most of us-it will be given in two parts. The first part is provided when we die. At that time, our bodies go back to the dust from which they were taken and our spirits return to God who gave them. This is what Paul has in mind when he says to be absent from the body [is to be] present with the Lord.which is far better than the life we now have. But if this 'life after death' is better than 'life before death', it is not nearly as good as the life that follows it, what some have called 'life after life after death'. This is the life of the Resurrection; the life Jesus entered two thousand years ago, and the life God will give everyone who believes in Christ and perseveres to the end. The Resurrection is hard to imagine, but it is easy to explain. When our Lord comes again, He will raise the dead bodies of His people and reunite them to our souls, both of which will then be freed from sin, weakness, and death, and invested with a glory like His own. has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is ... More >>>

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