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The Need - by Michael Phillips
A Lesson in Forgiveness - Part 2 of 8
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Luke 17:1-10
Mar 18, 2007 am - Today, with God's blessing, we'll continue the study we began last week called A Lesson in Forgiveness. The Teacher of this lesson is our Lord Jesus Christ, a Man uniquely qualified to teach forgiveness because no one ever had more to forgive than He-and no one ever did it as He did back then-and still does. His students were not all men, women, and children, but only disciples, that is everyone who wants to follow Christ in this world and be with Him in the world to come. Let me make this perfectly clear: forgiveness is not an option. You forgive or you go to hell. The timing is also important. The lesson was taught at the dawning of the New Covenant, a time when the full forgiveness of God would be given to His people, and when His people would be so transformed by His grace that they would forgive others as they themselves have been forgiven. Before we move on in the study, let's take a moment for personal reflection. The words of Jesus Christ are not in the Bible for us to admire as works of art. We do admire them, of course, and like the officer sent to arrest Him, we exclaim: Never has man spoken as this Man speaks! But He doesn't want admiration: He wants obedience! Jesus ... More >>>

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