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The Ascension of Christ - by Michael Phillips
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1 Timothy 3:16b
May 27, 2007 am - My talk today is on one the Bible's most important and most neglected doctrines. I call it a 'doctrine' because that means 'teaching' and it is taught in the Bible. But I don't want you to think of it as merely a doctrine, or an idea or a teaching. It is these things, of course, but it is more than these. What it is is a fact. Not a fact to me or a fact to the Church, but a fact of history, a thing that really happened in time and space. Scholars and others can ignore it, laugh at it, and argue against it, but they cannot undo it. Because it happened. The thing I'm talking about is named in the last line of 1 Timothy 4:16. Speaking of our Lord Jesus Christ, the verse says He was- Received up in glory. There's a word for this and the word is: Ascension. It's surprising how little has been written or preached on the Ascension. Even the word itself is a bit fuzzy even to people who can explain His resurrection and Second Coming in some detail. I wonder why this is? How come I have four or five thousand theological books-and not one of them is on the Ascension of Christ? Why have I preached for more than twenty years-and as far as I know, I've only had one sermon on it? The Ascension ... More >>>

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