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The Problem - by Michael Phillips
The Life of Samuel - Part 1 of 11
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1 Samuel 1:1-7
Jun 03, 2007 am - Today, with God's blessing, I hope to begin a study on the Life of Samuel. If you're a bit fuzzy on the man, or would like to know his story better, read it for yourself. His whole life is told in 1 Samuel, with most of it in the first seven chapters. Read the chapters this week, and you'll be glad you did. Speaking of 'reading the Old Testament lives', there are two ways of doing it: we can read them for the examples they set or we can read them for what they tell us about the character of God and the coming of His Son, Jesus Christ. Both ways are good. Samuel was boy and a man of integrity, whose life is told, in part, for you and me to follow. Speaking of all godly people, Paul says we're to- Mark who walk [this way], as we have [them] for a pattern. While his reference is to himself and other living men (at the time), it also applies to the godly men who lived before us and whose stories are told in the Bible. Samuel is an especially apt person to follow because he have him-not only as a man of God-but long before that-as a child of God! He can show young people what it means to listen to God and to obey Him, even when what He tells you is unpleasant and likely to get you in ... More >>>

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