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The Priesthoods - by Michael Phillips
The Life of Samuel - Part 3 of 11
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1 Samuel 2:12-4:22
Jun 24, 2007 am - Have you seen The Lord of the Rings? I've seen it more than a dozen times, and while the three movies last more than ten hours, they never bore me. What keeps them so interesting is the director's knack for telling One Story from several points of view. All the good guys are working for the same goal, but they're split up into several groups. For twenty minutes, we follow Frodo, Sam, and Gollum as they make their way to Mount Doom, and then we cut to Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli as they gather armies to fight The Dark Lord. Back and forth we go, following a complicated story without ever losing the plot. What Peter Jackson did so well in his movie, the Lord did far better in His Story. What's it about? It's about the Priesthood of Israel, how weak and sinful men had polluted it, and how God would restore its lost honor-and then some! Thus, we have one story told from two points of view. THE OLD PRIESTHOOD I It starts with the old priesthood, 2:12-17 There's only one thing wrong with the priesthood: the men who occupy it. Eli is the High Priest, but he's in semi-retirement. I say, semi-retirement because, while he still lives in the Sanctuary (and lives well off its revenues), he is ... More >>>

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