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Already/Not Yet - by Michael Phillips
The Life of Samuel - Part 6 of 11
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1 Samuel 7:15-8:3
Jul 29, 2007 am - Today's short Bible-reading sums up the public life of Samuel, one of Israel's greatest leaders. Unlike anyone before him-and only One after-the man held three offices at the same time. He was a prophet, a priest, and a judge. Others did not combine the offices because they could not be trusted with them; the power was too great for ordinary men, but Samuel was not an ordinary man. The Lord was with him from before his birth until after his death many years later. It was this special indwelling that fit him to receive such power and to use it long and well in the service of God and His People. In reading his story, therefore, we must beware of hero-worship. Samuel was both a good and a great man, and we ought to highly honor him. But not too highly. For like another great and good man, he was what he was by the grace of God. THE LORD PROVIDES What was Samuel? Depending on the angle from which you look at him, several true answers can be given. He was a man, a man of God, a prophet, a priest, a judge, a father, and other things too. It is one of these 'other things' that I have in mind: Samuel was the Gift of God. His very name indicates this, for it means, I asked the Lord for ... More >>>

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