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Rejected! - by Michael Phillips
The Life of Samuel - Part 7 of 11
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1 Samuel 8:4-22
Aug 05, 2007 am - Rejected. If there's an uglier and more painful word than this one, I don't know what it is. 'Rejection' means, 'You're not good enough'; it means 'You're not wanted'. For some people 'rejection' is tightly focused on one event. The woman you proposed to turned you down. She tried to soften the blow by saying, 'It's not you; it's me'. But you know very well, it is you. You've been rejected. For others, 'rejection' is not on one thing, but everything. I grew up with a girl who was not wanted; her parents told her so when she was little, and now-forty years later-they haven't changed their minds. 'Rejected', that's what she was-and what she is. Some feelings of rejection are all in your head. You think people don't want you, but they really do. They love you and they want your company, if only you would offer it to them. But if some of these feelings are built on the air, others are well-grounded. Millions of people have suffered the pain and embarrassment of being rejected. If you're one of them, today's story is for you. One of its main characters is a good man who spent his whole life in serving the people, only to be rejected by them. In public. Samuel is his name, and few ... More >>>

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