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Why We Really Need the Local Church - by Michael Phillips
Stop Dating the Church - Part 3 of 8
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Hebrews 10:19-25
Nov 18, 2007 pm - Today we come to chapter 3 in our study of Joshua Harris's little book, Stop Dating the Church and Fall in Love with the Family of God. The title is a bit too hip for my taste, but the message is important and urgent. It's about commitment to the local church, by which Harris means more than putting your name on a roll. He means pouring your life into the life of your church. His message is captured in the hymn, I love thy kingdom, Lord. Speaking of the church, it says- For her my tears shall fall, For her my prayers ascend; To her my toils and cares be given, Till toils and cares shall end. This is what the book is about: giving yourself to the church and sticking with it, even when it would be easier and less aggravating not to. The format will be the same as before. I'll summarize the chapter in 15-20 minutes, open it up for discussion, and finish no later than 3:00. Everyone is welcome to chime in on the topic, but please, stay on topic. Which is. Why We Really Need the Local Church THE KEY WORD Please mark the word, really. Pretty much everyone agrees there is some need for the church. But how great is the need? Is the church more like the radio in your car-or the ... More >>>

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