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Luther on Prayer No 3 - by Michael Phillips
Luther on Prayer - Part 3 of 3
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Isaiah 64:7
Mar 05, 2003 pm - Tonight, with God's favor, we'll complete the study we began a couple of weeks ago. It's Martin Luther on Prayer. One day, Luther was sitting in a barber's chair getting a haircut and shave. His barber was Peter Beskendorf, a fine man, it seems, who often struggled to pray. He asked his friend, Dr. Luther, how do you pray? The Reformer went home and wrote him a thirty page letter, which is now collected in Luther's Works, Volume 43. The title pretty well explains what it's about: A Simple Way to Pray, for a Good Friend. In the first part of the letter, Luther counsels him on some preliminary matters. He tells him to: Set a schedule for prayer-and stick to it. Remember the importance and urgency of prayer. Respect the devil's desire to interrupt your prayers and to resist Him with all you've got. Concentrate in your prayers. Pray often and briefly. Pay attention to your posture. Though you can pray standing, sitting, lying down, kneeling, or standing on your head, some ways of holding yourself are better than others. Find what's best for you and make it a habit. THE CONTENT After saying all this, he finally comes to the content of prayer or what to pray about in your daily ... More >>>

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