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Choosing Your Church - by Michael Phillips
Stop Dating the Church - Part 5 of 8
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1 Timothy 3:14-16
Dec 16, 2007 pm - After taking a couple of weeks off, we now return to our study of the little book, Stop Dating the Church and Fall in Love with the Family of God. The author is Joshua Harris, a thirty-something pastor in Maryland. Coming to faith early in life, he became a well-known author and conference speaker, and assumed a leadership role among young believers. All the while having little or no use for the local church. He wasn't against the church, it just wasn't his thing. Until he heard a series of sermons preached by CJ Mahaney, from which he learned the church ought to be his thing because it is Christ's thing. This is what the book is about: Being committed to the church because our Lord is committed to the church. Our format is the same as before. I will summarize the chapter as quickly as I can and then we'll talk about it. Everyone is invited to join the discussion and we'll quit no later than 3:00. Today we come to chapter 5, which is titled, Choosing Your Church: The Ten Things that Matter Most. When I started preparing my talk, I planned to cover the whole chapter, but it's got too much in it to do that, so, we'll look at the first five today and numbers six to ten next Sunday ... More >>>

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