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Choosing Your Church 2 - by Michael Phillips
Stop Dating the Church - Part 6 of 8
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1 Timothy 3:14-16
Dec 23, 2007 pm - Today, with God's blessing, we will finish Chapter 5 of Joshua Harris' little book, Stop Dating the Church and Fall in Love with the Family of God. As the title suggests, it is about commitment to the local church. This commitment can be overdone, of course. A few Christians make more of the church than they ought to; they all but turn it into their god. But, if a handful of believers worship the church, shiploads go the other way: they ignore the church or make it number 100 on their list of things to do and care about. The church ought to mean a lot to us because it means a lot to Christ. He loved it enough to go to the cross for its salvation, and to stay with us, even when we are not good company. If Christ is loyal to His church, we ought follow Him, and be this way ourselves. Chapter 5 is called, Choosing Your Church: The Ten Things that Matter most. We looked at the first five last week. In finding a church, you ought to ask yourself the following questions: Is this a church where God's Word is faithfully taught? Is this a church where sound doctrine matters? Is this a church in which the Gospel is cherished and clearly proclaimed? Is this a church committed to reaching ... More >>>

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