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Thanksgiving and Prayer - by Michael Phillips
The Book of Ephesians - Part 3 of 14
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Ephesians 1:15-23
Apr 13, 2008 am - Today, with God's blessing, we come to part three in our study of Ephesians, a Letter written by the Apostle Paul, to promote the unity of the church-both on Sundays (when we're together), and on the other six days of the week (when we're not). This togetherness-Paul says-is not of our own making. It is the unity of the Spirit. But, if we are not called to create the unity of the church, we are called to keep it. Does this sound familiar to you? If you've read very far in the Bible is ought to, because this is just what the Lord did in the beginning. He created the world, and told the human race to keep it. We botched it, of course, but the Lord did not give up on us. About 30 AD, He created a new human race, with the Resurrected Jesus as its New Adam, and the Church as His Bride, the New Eve. Looking at this dinky little building, with its aging congregation, in a Podunk town, it's hard to believe we're the New Humanity, the New Creation, But this is what we are! This is why the unity of the Church is so important! And why we've got to do everything we can to keep it, and turn to God for the things we cannot do. How do we maintain and improve the unity of the Church? This is what ... More >>>

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