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What We Were; What We Are - by Michael Phillips
The Book of Ephesians - Part 4 of 14
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Ephesians 2
Apr 20, 2008 am - Last week, near the end of the sermon, I told you every problem between Christians can be solved or lived with. This means, no Christian marriage should end in divorce, no believing family should break up, and no church should be divided. This is how it ought to be, but let's face it, it is not the way it is. Why not? What keeps us from living together in love and peace, humility, patience, and good humor? Many things keep us from doing this, of course, but one thing is at the bottom of them all. What makes people quit the church in anger is the same thing that makes men leave their wives, parents abuse their children, and kids run away from home. The one thing is pride. I'm quitting the church, you see, because it's not good enough for me. I'm leaving my wife because I deserve a better life than the one she's giving me. I'm running away from home because my desires are more important than my parents' rules. Pride can be dressed up in other words, but it is what it is. We will not have unity in the church or in the Christian family or in our believing friendships, for that matter, until we call it what it is, and by God's grace, repent of it. This is not easy; it's easier to give ... More >>>

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