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Do Your Part - by Michael Phillips
The Book of Ephesians - Part 9 of 14
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Ephesians 4:7-16
Jun 15, 2008 am - Today, with God's blessing, we come back to our study of Ephesians, the Book in which we hear a loud and clear call to Unity in the Church. This unity is bigger than the local church, of course. We ought to love all who are in fellowship with God through Christ. Whether they go to this church or not. As important as this bigger unity is, however, Ephesians is mostly about the smaller unity. It's mostly about-not loving God's People in Nairobi or Newfoundland-but in loving the ones here-the ones we go to church with, the ones we live with. The ones whose faces we are getting tired of! Local and visible love for local and visible saints. This is what the Book is about. This is God's Will for all His People without exception. You have no right to not love your brothers and sisters in Christ! You have no permission. You have no excuse. This applies, not only the lovable members of His family, but, and especially, to the unlovable. Let brotherly love continue says the writer of Hebrews-not the love for some brothers to continue, or love for all brothers to continue until they do you wrong, but real and lasting love for brothers and sisters in Christ, and particularly for the ones you ... More >>>

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