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The Member's Duty - by Michael Phillips
Church Discipline - Part 3 of 9
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Matthew 18:15-20
Nov 09, 2008 pm - The last two Sunday afternoons have been spent looking at the vital but neglected duty of Church Discipline. The term itself has suffered a lot of abuse over the years, and some of it has been deserved. Church Discipline may be hasty, unjust, self-righteous and mean, and when it is, it is also blasphemy. Things done in the Name of Christ have to be done His way-and He does things with patience, fairness, humility, and kindness. We ought to go and do likewise. What is Church Discipline? It is the art of making disciples. Are we in it alone? No we're not-thank God we're not! But the Church has a role to play in helping its members follow the Lord. Most of that work is positive: we preach the Gospel, keep an eye on each other, set good examples, and pray. Though it usually goes by other names, this is Church Discipline, and by far the bigger part of it. If most of the work is positive, some of it is not. Good parents teach their children to do right, but they don't leave it there: they also correct them when they go wrong. The same is true with the Church. Because we're all sinners, we all need a word of correction now and then; and because, at times, we are stubborn sinners, we need ... More >>>

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