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Christians - by Michael Phillips
What We Are - Part 5 of 5
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Acts 11:19-26
Dec 14, 2008 am - Since the call of Abraham, the Lord's People have gone by many names. Back in the day, we were called Hebrews, Children of Israel, and Jews. Later, we went by the disciples of Christ and the sect of the Nazarenes. We have also been called, saints, children of God, brethren, and things less flattering than these. Of all the names we've gone by, though, one has stuck more than any other. It was given to us by the pagans of Antioch Syria, in the middle of the First Century. Was it meant as a compliment or as an insult? Or something else? I think 'something else'. At the time, pagans who had heard of the church took us for Jews, and you understand why: most of the members were of Jewish descent, and much of what we said sounded like Judaism. But the closer they listened, the more it occurred to them that, while there's a lot of overlap between the church and the synagogue, the followers of Jesus worshiped Him as though He were God. Some of the Jews respected Jesus; others hated Him; and others had no opinion one way or the other. But only one group called Him the Christ. And from this distinctive doctrine they got the name that is still with us- Christians. This is what the pagans ... More >>>

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