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Judging - by Michael Phillips
Church Discipline - Part 7 of 9
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Matthew 7:1-6
Dec 21, 2008 pm - This afternoon we will continue our study and discussion of Training in Godliness. Way back when, a man asked the Lord an angry question: Am I my brother's keeper? God did not answer the question, but rather the man who asked it: What have you done? The only kind of person who wonders if he ought to keep his brother is the one who doesn't mean to. Many years later, our Lord told a man to love his neighbor. The man didn't mean to do that, but knowing he ought to do it, he replied, And who is my neighbor? The fact of the matter is: we're all connected to each other and-whoever our brothers and neighbors are-they have a claim on us. On our love and on our care. The task is staggering; there's too much to do; and to do it we have to start somewhere. Jesus Christ and His Apostles tell us where to start: at home and in the church. These are the people we must care for first. This is hard to do because it's takes a lot less of me to send a check to a starving girl in Bangladesh than to talk to a man at church who needs to be talked to-and won't like it one bit! Do it we must, however, because the Lord tells us to, and as His disciples, we need to obey Him, and have the privilege of being ... More >>>

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