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Are We Judging? - by Michael Phillips
Church Discipline - Part 8 of 9
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Matthew 7:1-5
Dec 28, 2008 pm - Today we move on in the study we began a couple or three months ago on Training in Godliness, and, in particular, the church's role in helping its members on our way to heaven. Most of this help is enjoyable, both to give and receive, but some of it isn't. At times, we have to correct each other, and-putting myself first on the list-nobody likes that. Like it or not, though, we all need to be corrected now and then. Sometimes God does it all by Himself and sometimes He does it through other people, and not least the church. This is what we've been working on for several weeks, and we'll continue today and for another week or two, I believe. When you correct other people, the first thing you're likely to hear from some of them is-Stop judging me or some variation on it. What the Seven Deadly Sins were to the Medieval Church, Judging has become to us all rolled into one. We work with Christians who are proud, envious, angry, lustful, lazy, gluttonous, and greedy; but judgmental? We cannot put up with that! Of course we don't want to be judgmental, but to not be that way, we've got to know what it is. Does any and every judgment you make make you judgmental? Is this what our Lord ... More >>>

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